Individualization, it’s the only way to stay sane.

It’s important to have confidence in who you are and it’s especially important for artists to believe in themselves.  If you’re willing to put your creations out in public, you’re taking a step saying “look at me, look at what I created”.

Not only are you facing public criticism, you’re also facing much worse; your internal dialogue.  I’ve struggled with this for years; even stopping my art because the critical voice was too strong.  Even though I achieved high grades in all my creative art classes, the criticism of teachers, fellow students, friends and family still remained.  The thought of perfection and attaining skills such as the masters was a measurement of success.

But here’s the truth.  I am ME.

I live in a different world with different obstacles and many more options for creating.  My upbringing, mind, body, skills and the choices I made were different.  So why would I compare myself to anyone?  What comes out of me is mine.

I recently watched criticism in the lack of response from one of my pieces.  In that moment, I witnessed a shift after all these years.  I didn’t care.  I was ok because I am happy knowing not everyone will fall in love with my pieces just as I won’t fall in love with everything I see.  There’s enough love to go around and there’s enough people to reach through my creations.  I don’t need for everyone to “love me”.

I still have a tough time knowing when something is done, but at least I can appreciate my own creativity and the bravery that comes with it when I show my work.  I create from wonder, curiosity and love; I create from ME.  I’m an individual - and I’m confident that’s how it should be.

Be brave, be unique, be you!


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